Week One Flew By So Quickly!


So I know I have been in Brisbane for almost a week now and I am so sorry I have not been able to post anything before now!! This is my first morning in my new house and my first morning with internet! This week in Brisbane has been one of the best, and I am so so thankful for the opportunity to be here and that the wonderful Steve Crosby was here to help me out!! He literally thought of everything that I would need to jump start my stay here and has helped me every step of the way! I couldn’t be more grateful!

Let me begin my week with discussing the size of my plane!! I don’t know how many of you have been abroad but This was my first experience that I was old enough to remember. When my flight from Nashville landed in Dallas I was so shocked when I passed the plane I would be taking! It was literally a monster compared to all the other planes in the loading docks! I tried to get a picture but i’m not too sure how it turned out!

1059305_10201606284025526_1029638992_n (1)

So I arrived in Brisbane at 5 in the morning on Monday! My flight was nice, Qantas had excellent service and a really nice staff. Unfortunately I was riding with a high school football team that had more players than my high school had students! and to top that off I got to sit next to the biggest player on the team! Think at least a foot and a half taller than me and probably two and a half times my size and you’re almost imagining how big he was! He was very nice though and even apologized when the plane started blasting the heat and it started smelling like sweaty high school guys! Most of the other people on the plane were so nice and a couple sitting on the opposite isle of me we’re very helpful in giving me advice and making sure I had somewhere to stay! I couldn’t have been more excited!!

After an hour of trying to get my luggage and find my way through customs I was finally able to leave the airport and begin my adventure!!! I was so glad to see a face I knew when I walked out of customs and so grateful Steve’s friend was able to give us a ride from the airport!!  We made a quick stop at the house where Steve and I would be staying for the week so that I could drop off my luggage and freshen up a bit and then we were off! Our first stop was to get a bus card, which makes switching between buses and getting around town so much easier! After that I got my Australian phone number and then we hopped on the city hopper (a free ferry) and rode around Brisbane! I got to see most of the places that I will be staying at and started familiarizing myself with everything! It was such a nice and sunny day, a little chilly to me but very enjoyable! I hate to admit it but I managed to get sun burnt in the hour we were on the ferry, gotta love that ozone! So we ended up finishing that day’s excitement early and headed back to Steve’s which was ok because let’s just say that jet lag hit at about eight pm (4 am Huntsville time) and I crashed like never before! And with that my first day in Brisbane ended!

Day two was the beginning of my hunt to find permanent accommodation! Steve and I made our way to one of the campuses I will be studying at and I was so surprised by how beautiful it was!!





This is just a couple of photos of the campus. Later while we were walking along Kangaroo point I could see my campus from across the river!! It was awesome!


But back to the house hunting!! There was a meeting at one of the campuses and they gave us a general run down of how finding accommodation works. We were given some really good advice about where to look and what questions to ask! Then we were provided with a computer and some websites that would show us places that were available! After finding a couple of places that sounded nice one of the staff helped me contact all the managers and we set up appointments for inspections. It was interesting going and looking at places, and I got to meet some great people, most of them are now my housemates, but iI had a really hard time deciding which place would be best, or wondering if only looking at a few houses was ok! I then realized that one of the houses I had inspected was perfect for my time here and contacted the manager as early on Wednesday as was appropriate and was able to move in Thursday night!

I don’t have any pictures of the place just yet, but as soon as I get my room all put together I will be posting them! I’m going to be living in a shared house that has eight other people in it! So far they’re all guys, but hopefully a girl will show up here soon! The house is a nice yellow Queensland style house and it is right off of Kangaroo Point! It is literally the perfect spot! I am three houses down from a church, two streets over from a grocery store, a ten minute bus ride from one campus, a fifteen minute walk from my other campus, and a twenty minute walk from the cultural center! There is also a running trail that leads right up to my house, well its across the street and down a few houses, but you get what I’m saying ! 🙂

My housemates all seem like great people, from what little I’ve seen of them! There is one from the UK, one from somewhere in Australia, One from Austria, two from Finland, and one from Germany! They are all students and have been really been great about helping me figure out where I’m trying to go! I couldn’t have found a better place to stay!!

As most of you know, it’s winter here. I was a little taken back when the sun set at five and it was cold! Of course, for most of my housemates this is summer weather for them! But luckily I brought good clothes for layering! I have been able to stay comfortable, excluding last night though! My new room only had sheets on the bed… Let’s just say I woke up a few times really really cold and am definitely going to be swinging by the store later today to get something a little warmer! But the house is great! It has a full kitchen on each of the two floors, two and a half bathrooms, a washing machine, and unlimited internet! It has anything you could need! Besides blankets that is! 😀 Yesterday when I was coming to sign a lease I showed up to find eight people getting a tour for the two rooms that are left available in the house!  I am so happy that I was able to find this place when I did!

A really cool thing about Brisbane are the sculptures everywhere! On the running trail near my house you can see artworks like these every couple of feet!


They also have these great covered walk ways for when its super sunny, most of the are covered in flowers and are really pretty! Some are metal twisted things! Its all very artsy!!


It kind of feels like a more seaside version of Chattanooga, but bigger! Its so pretty! As soon as I get everything settled you can bet that I will be photo crazy!!!

Another really cool thing about Brisbane are the birds! They have pink and green parrots everywhere! And a lot of other really interesting looking birds! There’s one that looks like it belongs in Alice in Wonderland or something! Its awesome! The best though is this little bird!


I was sitting outside a cafe on my QUT campus, eating a fruit tart or something and out of no where this bird came and landed on the table I was sitting at. A few minutes later there were three of them and they kept inching closer and closer to the food in my hand! It was crazy how unafraid they were! I ended up kicking a chair with my foot as I was trying to escape their attack and they all flew off before they could get my food though!

And with that I think I have summed up most of my adventures in Brisbane so far! I have another week until classes begin but orientation starts next week so I will be keeping busy with all of those activities!

I hope everyone is having a great summer and can’t wait to see you all when I get back!!


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