O Week Festivities

Week two in Brisbane has been off to a great start! I have had such a wonderful time meeting new people and familiarizing myself with the campus and Brisbane City Life! Monday was the first day of orientation and it was crazy! We arrived on campus at eight am for the free pancake breakfast offered and received wrist bands which would categorize us into the fields we would be studying! Since I’m only taking electives here I decided to be in the group with most of my housemates! Little did I know that that group would be the science and engineering department! We had a QUTconnect session in the morning which was a three hour introduction to the field we were studying and the places on campus that we would need to be familiar with! We were then let loose on the Kidney Lawn for a chance to get some lunch and learn about all the clubs and organizations offered on campus! It was interesting to see all the international clubs and to see how similar this orientation is to one you would see in the states, except this one has more games and music! After about two hours of walking around and watching a local singer perform we were onto our next orientation meeting with all the other exchange students! We walked into a huge auditorium for the three hour orientation and were shocked to see the number of people that were there! At the beginning of the orientation we were told that we were the largest group of exchange students and that there were over 350 people from 37 different countries!! Most of the students are from Scandinavia and Germany I think. After the orientation we were divided into groups of twelve or thirteen and introduced to a local student who would be a group leader. These groups are called our Exchange Buddies. We then went to the bar on campus and were able to get to know each other a little better! I don’t remember exactly where everyone in my group is from but I know some of the people were from Germany, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and China. We had to sit outside because all the other indoor seats were taken when we got there. It was really cold!! Well I was not thinking and had forgotten a jacket. Most of the other people in my group said this was typical summer weather for them! I couldn’t imagine what a winter day would feel like for them! After about an hour or two of getting to know each other the night began to wind down and I met up with my housemates and we made our way back to our house.

Today there aren’t any day events that I have to go to, but tonight there is a river cruise dinner and party for the exchange students! I’m so excited to see everyone! Tomorrow I get to watch my first rugby match with some locals and Steve and Thursday there’s a party for all the new students, the dress code for that is onsies… That will be an interesting evening! And then that leads to Friday morning when I will be leaving with 99 other exchange students for a weekend at Stradbroke Island with surfing lessons, hiking, and other fun activities!! 

I hope y’all are having a great beginning of the week! Miss you!


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