Week three kicked off with the start of classes! We were properly introduced to our professors and gave a little idea of what is to be expected in each class! Most of my professors seem very chill, one is even giving us our final exam early so that we don’t have to worry about it during the official examination period!

Thursday night there was a snow party at one of the local hotels! They brought in hundreds of pounds of snow and had an area for snowball fights and a huge ramp that you could slide down! It was so much fun! Friday was my lazy day! I didn’t do anything until the evening when I went with a friend to see the Bangarra Dance Theatre perform Blak at the Playhouse! It was amazing!! The Bangarra Dance Theatre is an Indigenous Australian contemporary Dance company! Their performances all tell stories of their people and past and they do it so beautifully! It was an amazing experience to see them! I’m thankful that I got to go!


Saturday started off early with an 8:30 bus ride from South Bank to the Varsity Lakes and then a thirty minute bus ride to the coast! Thankfully the weather was gorgeous on Saturday!


Our group, of maybe thirty people, divided up and half the group went  to lay and relax on the beach while the other half went to rent surf boards and go surfing!



After the boards were returned we had dinner at an Indian restaurant and then our group divided up, some went back to Brisbane, some to Surfers Paradise, and the rest to get a room at the hostel.

Sunday started off cloudy,


but it didn’t rain where we were! We could see around to where Surfers Paradise from where we were on the beach… They did not see any sun! Luckily the rain held off and the guys were able to surf until about three thirty when we needed to start heading back to make it on the train. It was such a nice weekend and spent with great people!


This is some of us after the bus and train ride back to the city! I’m so excited for the weeks to continue! I hope you are all having as wonderful a summer as possible! Miss you!


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