Loosa Noosa Palooza!

What a week! My time here in Australia has been flying by faster than I can handle! It has been a week and a half since my last post and there are so many great memories I’ve had I’m having a hard time remembering them all!! Last Monday I found a really nice church, The Cathedral of St Stephen. It’s really close to my campus! There are all these huge buildings surrounding it! It seems a little out of place but it is so pretty! There are lots of glass windows and carvings and a huge wooden carving of the Blessed Mary Mackillop in the chapel next door. Its the oldest Church in Brisbane! My pictures don’t do the stain glass justice but trust me! They’re amazing! The Crucifix is this metal/bronze sculpture and you can’t see it in the picture but the metal is all crumbly and ruff yet. It really is beautiful! And the Stations are hand painted. and there is a very interesting baptismal font!  All of the artwork in the church was done by local Australian artists. I think that just makes the church that much more special for all the people who attend it! I’m going to just add the pictures and hope that you think this is a cool as I do! 🙂












I also went bowling Monday with a number of the exchange students and had a blast getting to see them all and being horribly beaten in bowling! Tuesday began with my Australian Society and Culture class where we were taught about how Australia and its accent came to be! After that class I had lunch on the quad with some of the exchange students who are in my class with me and then made my way to the other campus for my Tv Film and Genre class at 6! The class is suppose to go from 6 until 9! So late right!!! Luckily my professor starts the lecture at 5:30 and is able to go over everything he needs to by 6:45! The class focuses on what makes a movie a movie and at first I thought that would be too serious, but I don’t think my professor can do serious to save his life so its great!

Wednesday Mornings I have a tutorial at 8 am and then at 10:30 I head over to the University of Queensland’s beach volleyball court and play with 25ish other people until around 2! On the ferry home from volleyball last week a friend and I saw a farmers market in downtown Brisbane! We jumped off, after it had docked of course, and were able to find a lot of very affordable vegetables, fruit, and “real” German Bread! It was awesome! Later that night I joined about 50 other exchange students for our weekly BBQ down by the river and around 10:30 some men came and told us that there were free segway rides down the rode from us! Our group immediately went to do that! It was so much fun!

Thursday began at 8:30 with my Australian Dance class where we learned about the different types of professional dancers in Australia and were then divided up into our groups for our field research projects. I am in a group with two other girls and we have to come up with a field plan, consent forms, and background information and then go to a local dance company and do interviews and onsite observation and such! I think my group is going to try to observe a local musical theater as they prepare to perform Into the Woods in October! Its actually very exciting once you get past how much work it is! Thursday night I had my accounting class and then made my way over to the NoRSK (a Norwegian club at QUT) pub crawl! The t-shirts we had to wear for the night say “get loose as a moose”… Let’s just say some people took that advice to heart!  It was such a great night though! I was able to hang out with the other exchange students and even meet some new people!!

Luckily I didn’t have anything to do on Friday so I just hung out around the house in the morning, went for a run, did laundry, attempted to look ahead in the readings for my classes, and then headed to Kelvin Grove around 4 for a chill game of soccer. I showed up in my tennis shoes and saw a group of guys in cleats juggling the ball between each other and looking super impressive and intimidating! I almost turned around right then! But then they said they needed a goalie so I figured I could start there! Later I did end up playing defense and might have gotten my ‘football/futbol’ rules mixed up when I tackled some people a couple of times but I had such a great time, I’m glad I stayed!

The Next day I was up bright and early and made it to the train station in time to take an 8 am train to Noosa, a beach about 3 hours from Brisbane. There were 20ish other QUT students on the train with me and when we arrived at Noosa we immediately made our way to the beach! It was so gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky! Some people went surfing, some lay in the sun, and some went for a walk in the National Park that was near by. It was a wonderful day and it ended with a beautiful sunset, which we missed it by one minute! I literally cannot describe how wonderful the view was from the cliffs that we were on though! That night our group, which ended up being about 45 people from QUT, hung out at the hostel we were staying at and eventually made our way to the local club to dance and have fun! It was so great! We were up at 7:30 on Sunday to get to the beach to catch the best waves and spent Sunday about the same as Saturday! We had a hard time leaving the sunset on Sunday. Thankfully we were actually able to see it this time! But we had to get going to make it back in time to catch the last train going back to Brisbane.  Everyone was so exhausted on ride back, we were actually able to fall asleep on the bus before the train, quite an accomplishment if you ask me! We didn’t make it home until 10 pm on Sunday but it was such a wonderful weekend! I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Perfect weather, wonderful people, and great memories!


This is Saturday’s missed sunset



These next three were Sunday’s!





Monday of this week was about the same as last week (We learned about Australia’s involvement in WWI WWII and Vietnam in my Culture class) , as was Tuesday and today! Friday there is a Birthday party for one of the exchange students and Saturday is our first practice for the Dragon Boat Racing Team which I somehow managed to get a spot on! 🙂 I’m also very excited to go to a house warming party for the wonderful local couple that I helped move across town a couple weeks ago!! But right now I’m getting ready to head to the store to get some food for the BBQ later tonight so I should run! I hope all of you are having an easy time getting ready for the start of the next school year! Miss You All!


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