Three Weeks? There’s no way!!

I am so sorry it has taken this long to add a new post, I really thought that it had only been one week since my last update. Time is flying by so fast! I have no idea how I’m going to manage! I’ll just try to give some key events that have been so amazing to catch ya’ll up on what I have been up to here in the land Down Under. So August 12th thru the 15th involved a wonderful birthday party for my friend from London


and then a weekend birthday trip for another friend from London to Byron Bay!


It was so beautiful there! We saw a gorgeous white lighthouse,


had a spectacular nature walk,


and spent so much time relaxing on the beach


. In Byron Bay you can also find the most easterly point of Australia.



The hostel we stayed in was really cool!

On Sunday we had a birthday dinner for my housemate from Austria. We had a barbecue and Austrian pancakes, which are called palachinke, or something sounding like that! It was so nice!


The following week was slow during the week, bowling, movies (I took my housemate to see the Wolverine for his birthday) the weekly barbecue, two birthday parties (I only have one very flattering picture from one of the birthdays 🙂


, and then a weekend trip to The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, followed by another barbecue and pancake birthday dinner for one of my Finnish housemates.


The Koala sanctuary was so nice. I really loved seeing all the animals and petting the kangaroos and holding the koala! Although the koala I had to hold was not in the mood to be held! But it was still fun! and all our group pictures ended up looking like family photos.














That Sunday we had our second Dragon Boat regatta practice. I am so excited for this competition! After the practice a few of my housemates and I went to Redcliffe beach, it wasn’t as nice as the other ones but it was a wonderful afternoon!!





This was also the week that I had my first bible study group with some wonderful girls from the Catholic group on campus. I also found a very nice accounting student to help me with my intro to accounting class… it is a lot more difficult than I thought!

This past week went about the same, bowling on Monday, I watched The Conjuring on Tuesday, Volleyball, Accounting help, Bible Study, and Barbecue on Wednesday, and Classes on Thursday.

The weekend started off with a bang when I woke up Friday morning to find a virus locking me out of my computer! I had originally planned to join a group of students to a Friday Surfday in Coolangatta  but then figured I should stay to fix my laptop. Luckily some of the people going to the beach are studying IT so they said they could fix my laptop later. I am so grateful for them! Coolangatta was so nice! We played frisbee and soccer and volleyball on the beach and then did some sightseeing and window shopping!





Saturday was also very relaxing, with another great Dragon Boat regatta practice followed by some relaxing time at the Southbank Beach.


And then on Sunday I joined a group and went to Bribie Island. It is crazy how similar Bribie is to Florida! I mean, obviously there are some differences, but driving down felt a lot like the drive to Destin!










Which I find amazing!!! The weather was wonderful and besides a little bit of sunburn on Friday I was able to avoid that for the rest of the weekend. If only I could say the same about my gracefulness! It all started Friday during soccer on the beach when I played a little too aggressivley and jammed some of my toes and then Sunday I was walking home from the bus station and decided I needed to check that the ground was still there right before I crossed the street!


But changing from that subject I’ll now talk about my delicious food endeavors! I don’t remember when exactly but since the last post I have tried Korean, and Thai, and Indian, Pancakes and More!

At the Korean restaurant I tried Spicy Kal Bi Chim- It was delicious and looked like this:


This past Monday my neighbor from New Zealand invited me over and let me help him make some sort of Thai Red Curry/Masaman fusion! It was so good and the cooking process looks like this:








Then on Tuesday I made Cocunut Rice and Tikka Masala with a few friends before we watched ‘The Conjuring’ and our delicious spread looked liked this:

564999_10201426124327005_1180011398_n  and then we got really excited an it looked like this:                     999613_10201426124487009_483867547_n

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we’re left overs and such but then on Saturday after the dragon boat practice and walking around the city and church I went to The Pancake Manor with a friend and had some of the most delicious pancakes ever! One was buttermilk pancakes with butterscotch sauce, ice cream, and caramelized bananas. The other was chocolate pancakes with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. I was seriously in pancake heaven last night. The picture was post swap so it doesn’t look as good as the plates did when they first came out but they looked something like this:


And then on Sunday we found this wonderful local cafe on Bribie and I had a delicious sandwich of Turkish bread, avocado, capers, onion, smoked salmon, and feta cheese all toasted together in a wonderful goodness! It looked like this:


That is it for my adventures here down under! This is the middle week of the semester and its going to be similar to the others! This Saturday is the official Dragon Boat Race, and also my mid semester exam for accounting (wish me luck)! Our house is also have a taco Tuesday night and I might possibly be going to the theater to see a scary movie!! I’m sure there will be more birthdays and barbecues and I am so excited to experience all that Australia has left for me!

My classes are going well. Culture and Society is relaxed and interesting, film and tv genre is so entertaining! Accounting is kicking me for now and my field research project for my dance class is moving along very smoothly! I have a wonderful group and we have stayed organized and efficient with our time! I get to interview the director and the Marketing Manager of the company performing the West Side Story! I am so excited!

Oh! Update on my mid semester break plans!!!!! I will be leaving with a group of 20 for Cairns on Friday September 27th. On Sunday we will be going on a great barrier reef tour where we will be able to snorkel and explore the area. On Monday we are going to take a tour of the rainforest and end the day with a crocodile watching boat ride. Monday night we will take an overnight bus to Whitsundays and then from Tuesday to Thursday we will go on a three day, two night sailing trip. Some of the group will leave for Brisbane on Friday but the rest will rent a car and drive the rest of the way from Whitsundays to Brisbane and arrive back on Monday or Tuesday. I will then be in Brisbane until Saturday when I will leave with some friends to Melbourne where I will stay until Thursday when I will fly to Sydney and then spend the weekend there with some other friends! I will back in Brisbane the following Monday where I will stay for a while! I am knocking out these trips! 🙂 I still hope to make it to Fraser Island and Moreton Island before I leave but I will just have to play it by ear! I am having the most wonderful time and cannot wait to tell you about my later adventures! I hope the fall is treating you well over there! Love ya’ll!!


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