Fried Chicken, Biscuits n’ Gravy, and Fruit Cobbler

Haha Don’t be fooled! I am still in Australia! It has just been a week full of cooking and home comforts!! After recovering from the wonderful dragon boat races and rugby matches I had a very chill week full of school work and trip planning! I went bowling on Monday, had a wonderful birthday dinner with a group of international students on Tuesday, spent all Wednesday working on an assignment for my film class, relaxed on Thursday and helped Max, one of my housemates, celebrate the beginning of his Birthday!


Friday I worked on assignments all day and then went to one of my local friend’s house with a group of other international students to celebrate his birthday!!!  Saturday morning began with the SpringFlare Festival to help introduce spring in Australia!! How Crazy is that!?! It’s just turning spring here! And you can feel it in the weather!!!






After the Festival I went to Chermside to help Steve make fried chicken

Image (the beer isn’t mine! it was just there)

and then we waited until 5 in the morning to watch the Alabama vs Texas A&M game and made biscuits and gravy for breakfast!


It was such a good game! Luckily Steve’s father was nice enough to FaceTime the game for us after we discovered the website we were supposed to use wasn’t working! I then came back to my house with enough time for Latin Mass, went to the grocery store, and began baking! Tonight we are having an international dinner and I volunteered to bring fruit cobbler!


I had also promised Max some Oreo dessert for his birthday so I made that too! Unfortunately Australia doesn’t have Cool Whip so I had to try to make it myself… I think it worked!


I guess we’ll have to try it to find out! There are 12 days until I leave for Cairns and in that time I have one final exam, three assignments due, and a camping trip to Lamington National Park!! Wish Me Luck!!!


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