My Weekend in Jurassic Park

So I just realized I never posted this post but two weekends ago I went with a group of nine other exchange students to Lamington National Park for a three day, two night camping trip!


It was amazing! We walked between 60 and 70 kilometers, so between 38 and 44 miles. It was beautiful! The first day we left the house in our lovely rented cars and headed to our first campsite.


The trip there took a lot longer than expected so as soon as we had checked in an gotten our pass we were off on our first trail! We ended up on a trail that was closed due to a storm that had knocked over a lot of trees. That trail involved a lot of climbing but we found a huge drop look out place! It was so high up! It was crazy!! Image

We eventually found our way back to the open trail and ended the day with a barbecue and a quiet evening sitting around a fire and singing songs. It was so nice, even though it was FREEZING!!!

The Second day we drove to the second location in the same park and walked for 7 hours straight! It was warmer during the day thankfully and we probably saw about 20 waterfalls! There was also a tree top tour


and a tree that you could climb to the top of! The tree was 30 meters high so it was 100 feet above the top of a mountain! It was so pretty from the top!


It was also on this day that we took a trail that led us to so many waterfalls! They were each breathtaking in their own way! We tried to get group pictures with as many as we could! This one is my favorite!


The Second night wasn’t as cold thankfully because we weren’t allowed to have fires at that campsite. The third day began bright and early and we did one last trail with even more waterfalls! The whole time we were there the theme music to Jurassic Park was stuck in my head and I was waiting for a dinosaur to jump out at us! unfortunately that didn’t happen but the trees were all to huge and tall! It was crazy!



We didn’t see too much wildlife there, some birds, a few wild wallabies, and a snake. It was a fantastic experience and so close to the beach! Its crazy to realize how diverse the landscapes in Australia are! At one point during the drive we could see Surfer’s Paradise from the road. Naturally we had to stop and take pictures. We tried to spell out Lamington… It didn’t work out too well



This is what I was thinking the whole time we were there! 😛


Admit it, You just started singing the theme song didn’t you? 😀


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