A Window in Sydney

Continuing along with my ten day adventure I’ll now get a chance to talk about my time in Sydney. After a three hour delay from Melbourne I finally landed in Sydney and was surprised by how smokey the weather outside was! The girls didn’t arrive from Brisbane until eleven pm and we immediately took a cab to our hostel and went straight to bed! The next day we had to be up and ready to go on a day tour of the Blue Mountains! We were afraid that the trip would be cancelled due to the fire! Luckily for us the fire was in a different part of the mountain range and we were able to go and see the Three Sisters! The Blue Mountains was also something I was very very excited to see in my time Down Under! We took a day long guided tour and saw so many interesting things! It was so nice, even when the smoke started covering everything!



^The Girls’ Nationalities Left to Right: Indiana, Denmark, Slovenia, Norway



^We had to take Cable Cars to get around in the mountains!



^This is the Jurrasic Tree! It’s considered to be the kind of trees that one would find if dinosaurs were on the planet!



^at some point during the day we walked in a FREEZING water fall, luckily the path was nice enough we could get away without wearing any shoes!






^The cicadas were so loud here! You could barely hear anything else!



^This was the really really steep cable track we had to ride to get back to the top!





^This is our interpretive photo of the story about the Three Sisters!





^We couldn’t very well see the sunset because of all the smoke!

That night we returned to the Hostel and after a quick dinner at subway decided we would see what Sydney had to offer at night! The bar next to our hostel was called “The Scary Canary” We swung by and were invited by some people to join an interntional pub crawl! Of course we couldn’t say no! What better way to see the city and meet other backpackers who might have some tips for what to do the next few days. The night was so fun! we met so many wonderful people and ended up going to so many interesting places!





After the pub crawl we returned to the hostel and back to bed. The next morning we began our day with a walk down to the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House! We took so many family picutres!!







Our looking at the bridge shot was an epic fail when some of us were distracted by the seaweed! šŸ˜›



We then spent the rest of the day walking around the city and ended up having a lovely lunch followed by an afternoon of shopping! šŸ™‚


The evening I went to mass with the girls. The church was so beautiful!! and BIG!





In the courtyard near the church there was a noodle festival so naturally we ate dinner there and then made our way to the Darling Harbor for the Fireworks!



The next day began with checking the weather!



Who knew that smoke was a type of weather!

We then made our way back to the Opera house for its forty year anniversary! Because of the anniversary we were able to have a free tour of the inside! It was so beautiful!



We then made our way to Bondi Beach! It was so pretty there!Ā IMG_1352




^our delicious lunch



^you might notice that the beach is in the other direction! what you can”t see is the very crowded outdoor gym conveniently located close to the shore! šŸ˜€




^There was also a very cool cliff along the coast that we walked along for a while!


After Bondi we returned to the city and went to the top of the Westfield Eye in the middle of the city! The view was beautiful!



We made it just in time to see the sunset!




After the Eye we went back to the hostel and began getting ready for dinner! Since it was our last night in Sydney we decided to go all out and went to a very nice restaurant in the Darling Harbor. I had the most delicious Lamb over ratatouille and mashed potatoes! It was so delicious! The day before we had met some very nice men who had taken a group picture for us in front of the Harbor Bridge. It was such a coincidence that the men were just finishing their meal as we got there. They were very friendly and impressed that we were taking advantage of our time studying abroad. They ended up paying for our drinks. It was such a sweet gesture. We had no way of thanking them since they had left about two hours before we found out but it was definitely something I will not forget!




The next day we toured the Sydney Aquarium and saw some very interesting fish!



^This is an Australian Catfish!




^monster crawfish!




^The rope was supposed to cause a wave but it didn’t work




^not a wild mantee but definitely made me want to sing veggie tales!



Apparently when on a ledge I prefer to attempt to jump! šŸ˜€




We had another very declicous lunch followed by a relaxing afternoon spent in a garden waiting for our time to run out and our flight back to Brisbane. Sydney was so nice and the group of us were so perfect for each other! We really clicked from the beginning and didn’t have a single issue the whole weekend. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with these girls! I will miss them so much!



It was great to return to Brisbane though. This place has definitely become my second home!





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