All Things Good…

And with this post comes the end of my journeys in Australia. I have been so blessed to spend a brief four months down here and I have made the most of my time! As my last four days begin to wind down I have begun the process of packing and saying my farewells. The past month has been a whirlwind of studying and celebrating all the good times we have had here. The week after I returned from Sydney I unfortunately came down with a pretty terrible cold that kept my inside for a few days. Naturally I couldn’t pass up celebrating Halloween! The weekend after I returned, a student organization held a Halloween dance and we dressed up for the night!

IMG_1665 (1)

IMG_1665 (2)

It was such a fun night!

The dance took place the weekend before Halloween which left the evening of Halloween free. It wasn’t decided until the morning of but we invited some people over and had pancakes and a BBQ!

IMG_1789 (3)

The stack was taller than my face!!

IMG_1789 (4)

^I learned how to make Austrian Pancakes from the best!

Some of the people I have met here have never carved a pumpkin! Unfortunately we were only able to buy one pumpkin, but we still had a great time carving it!

IMG_1789 (5)

IMG_1789 (6)

IMG_1789 (7)

^Unfortunately I also forgot to buy a candle! Luckily my phone has a wonderful flashlight that managed to work!

IMG_1789 (8)

IMG_1789 (9)

^Naturally we had to make a drunk pumpkin!

IMG_1789 (10)

Having one of the best mothers in the world definitely entails celebrating the holidays right! And I am lucky enough to say that my mom is Awesome! she sent bags of very typical American Halloween candy which were prefect for the night! It was so much fun to get to talk about Halloween from our culture! I never realized how un celebrated it was in other countries!!

That week ended and the next week brought about days and days of studying. I was still not over my cold so I did not do much besides studying for my Accounting exam and sleeping! It was worth it though! Monday morning brought about my exam and I finished it with ease! And then began my vacation here. With all the wonderful weather we have had to opportunity to experience it would only be natural that the last few weeks here would be a weird mix of sun and rain storms! I’ve had such a wonderful time walking through the museums, watching a french film at the OpenAir Cinema, making Australian Style S’mores with friends, one last trip to Corrumbin, and having our last goodbyes.









The Leopard street house had an international dinner with a Finish macaroni dish, German/Austrian salad, Australian Ginger Beer, and European “Alabama” Cake. Ā I made a hummingbird cake for dessert! The dinner was delicious afterwards the guys and I walked to the top of the cliffs to take some family pictures in the Alabama tshirts they just happened to have! šŸ˜› Unfortunately One of the Housemates wasn’t able to make it!

IMG_1789 (11)

IMG_1789 (12)

IMG_1789 (13)

IMG_1789 (14)

IMG_1789 (15)

IMG_1789 (16)

In Between the rain and sun we made a quick trip to the Glasshouse Mountains! The hike was short and the weather was hot a humid! The day was perfect!!



^please ignore my horrible picture taking! šŸ™‚

I also had some wonderful goodbye dinners this past week! Sushi one night, Pancakes the other! So hard to say goodbye! Yet such nice memories with such good food!



And with that begins the hardest part of my trip. Finally Leaving! I will board my plane in less than four days to return home. Although I will miss all the wonderful people I met here and the places I have seen I am quite excited to return home to my family! In the four brief days I have left I will have two more goodbye events and a two day trip with my housemates and some others to Stradbroke Islane followed by one last dinner with my amazing housemates! I have come close to soo many people here! I hope to keep in touch with as many of them as I can and dream that one day I might be able to see them in Europe!

This has been such a rewarding trip and I would hope that anyone who has the chance to study abroad takes it! I’ll see you all stateside soon! I’m already missing you crazy QUTies!!Please keep in touch!


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