Planes, Rains, and The Great Ocean Road

I am so sorry! It has been a whole month since I was blessed with the best trip ever and I am just now getting a chance to write about it! I spent ten days travelling from Melbourne, across the Great Ocean Road, all around Sydney, through the bushfires to see the Blue Mountains, and back to my lovely home in Brisbane. I’ll begin with my time in Melbourne and then have another one for the exciting four days in Sydney!!


My trip started with a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on Tigerairways with two wonderful friends, one from Holland, the other from Hungary. After a short delay (which happens quite often when you fly with the cheapest company) we arrived at the Melbourne Airport and took a bus to the city centre to meet up with one of the girl’s friends who we were staying with. We then went to a very “artsy” bar for dinner! Had a delicious slice of pizza and then went to bed! We had an early start the next morning! Unfortunately Packing for colder weather is hard when it is close to 90 degrees where you are and Melbourne turned out to be much colder than expected! Our first three days of the trip were spent in a wicked campervan touring the Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park. Wicked is notorious for cheap, old cars that have been redecorated to be as obnoxious as possible! Our van was covered in pictures of Ron Burgandy from Anchorman!

7 (14)

We started early on the first day, loaded up the van and took our first group photo. In addition to the friend we met in Melbourne, another girl from France joined us making our group a group of five.



And with the beginning of our trip came rain and cold cold weather! The first day on the trip was around 50 degrees and continuously windy and rainy! But we didn’t let that stop us. About two hours out of Melbourne we made our first stop at a beach. Now being spoiled as we have been from the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast we expected to endless white sands, smooth waves, and lots of sun! This was the exact opposite of what we actually saw! The coast line here is very rocky, orange, and has endless amounts of cliffs! The vegetation is also very different. I’m no botanist so my description probably wouldn’t do it any justice so i’ll just add some pictures! πŸ™‚

6 (2)




Our trip continued, along with the rain,


and we made a few more stops to some even more interesting places. We came to Apollo Bay and stopped at an estuary that led to the coast. The estuary had an acidity problem and so we weren’t allowed to swim or fish or anything, not that we wanted to with the temperature! But it made for very many pretty pictures. And the beach had plenty of entertaining places to climb on!

6 (3)

6 (4)

^ This one is for you dad!! ^

7 (44)

6 (5)

6 (6)

7 (45)


The Great Ocean Road is not only beaches and estuaries, there is also an endless supply of paths and waterfalls which we stopped at in between the rain! The trails to the waterfalls were so different from Lamington and other stops I’ve made! It was quite impressive to see the differences!


7 (2)

This waterfall was very pretty, but I think the most exciting part was the few short minutes that the sun came out!!!

6 (1)

The most amazing part of the day for me was our first stop at the Twelve Apostles! It was so so cold at this point but we were so amazed by the view that we stayed there for an hour! We didn’t get to the Apostles until sunset and were so so cold we definitely did whatever we could to prevent the wind from freezing us! Everyone was looking a little ruff!

7 (4)

7 (40)

7 (41)

And with the end of our visit to the 12 Apostles we began our hunt for a camping spot. Our first night was spent in a “hidden” spot. It was really dark when we parked so we had a struggle getting the beds ready; two of them were hanging from the roof of the van! We finally got to sleep and in the morning we were so amazed by the amazing view we had ended up sleeping in! After a bit of a struggle getting the two girls out of their hanging beds we took a minute to take in the view and then were off for the next day of travelling on the road!

7 (6)

7 (8)

7 (5)

7 (7)

Unfortunately I am having a very hard time remembering the order of places where we stopped on the second day but I do have a lot of pictures!

6 (8)

7 (1)

^no we didn’t actually jump!

7 (3)

^This stop had a line of trees that were FULL of these colorful birds! Some other people who were there had three or four sitting on their shoulders!

7 (9)

7 (10)

^This was the Thunder Cave! It really Sounded like thunder!!

7 (11)

7 (12)

^This is the Kangaroo we hit that lived!!! It was so similar to hitting a deer!

7 (13)

^This line of Eucalyptus trees was filled with koalas! We finally heard what sound they make… It is very similar to the noise chewbacca makes!

7 (16)

^The Arches

7 (17)

^London Bridge

7 (18)

7 (19)

^I forget what this shoreline was called but I think It had something to do with martyrs or shipwrecks! πŸ™‚

The sun had come out a little more the second day and we were hopeful that we could see an even prettier view at the 12 Apostles so we went back! It was still as Breathtaking!

7 (15)

This evening we were desperate to find an actual campsite with showers, power, and a kitchen. We found a very fifties style site and had a warm dinner and peaceful nights sleep!

7 (20)

The third day on the road we went to Grampians National Park and had many great adventures!! Lots of cliffs, lakes, and steep drop offs!!!

7 (21)

^Once again! Close! But still no jumping! πŸ˜›

7 (23)

^The Lake we found!

7 (24)

7 (22)

^Pop Up Picnic Table


7 (25)

My favorite of the day! The Pinnacle! We were so high up!!!

7 (43)

7 (42)

^A different View of The Pinnacle! I’m the little dot on the left hand side!!

7 (26)

^The nature made balance beam!!


The day ended and we returned to the city. It was such a great three days. We only had one and a half days left in Melbourne and we made the most of our days touring the city! Before I had decided I wanted to go to Australia I had seen a movie called “Centre Place”. It is a very cheesy, Β low budget film which takes place in Australia. I loved the movie and became very interested in seeing Australia. I guess you could say that this movie is one of the reasons I decided to come to Australia! What I didn’t know though was the Centre Place was an actual Street in Melbourne!! As soon as I found out I know I had to see it! The movie involves a girl who works in a clothing store and a man who owns a soup shop! Naturally its a love story but it was still so exciting to see the place where the movie was filmed!

7 (28)

7 (30)

7 (31)

We had to stop and eat lunch here! and were fortunate enough to sit near an acordian player!


There was a lot of neat street art in Melbourne!

7 (29)

The rest of the two days was spent touring the city. We saw the Queen Victoria’s Market, Olympic Stadium, Flinder’s Street Station, the Princess Theater, some Beautiful Churches and many other interesting places! Our last evening together we went to St. Kilda’s Beach for a nice sunset dinner and were fortunate enough to see the penguins return to their homes as soon as it was dark enough!

7 (32)

7 (39)

7 (33)

7 (34)

7 (35)




^while near the stadium we walked into this screaming line of girls… turns out One Direction was having a concert there that night!

7 (38)

7 (27)

7 (36)

7 (37)

And with that my trip came to an end. I left my group and flew from Melbourne straight to Sydney to meet up with the other group of four girls who I would be spending the next four days with touring the city!



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